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Attention frustrated Canadians looking to lose stubborn fat and finally get the fit and healthy body you deserve...


The great thing about this program is that it is designed for all fitness levels and you don't ever have to step into a gym (though you can if you want)



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March 25, 2018
By Matt & Mitch Benvie
Body Transformation Experts & Precision Nutrition Certified

Dear Fellow Canadian:

If you are finally ready to change your life and get in shape, then you will love this program.

It seems easy, you are ready to lose weight so you pick a diet and an exercise plan and have all the confidence in the world. We have done it too! Everything goes great for a few weeks and the results come as promised.

And then comes that birthday party where you indulge in too much food and booze. You wake up feeling crappy and bloated and decide that a greasy brunch will do the trick and you will get back on track Monday.

Ah Monday, the perfect day to get on track, right?

But Sunday was a write off and you were too tired to prep your meals and you slept through your alarm. You are now rushing to work and have to eat out for lunch. Even better, your boss ordered pizza for everyone!

All of a sudden pizza tastes a heck of a lot better than plain chicken and veggies...

Ok so this week is clearly a write off since Monday didn't go as planned so you may as well get rid of your cravings and start again NEXT MONDAY.

Well unfortunately, next Monday never came and before you know it, you've gained all the weight back - and MORE!
You shouldn't feel bad if this has happened to you too. It is all very overwhelming. Calorie counting, restricting every food that tastes good, weighing food, and the list goes on...




We love studying, trying new things and finding out what works best for our clients. The internet is an overwhelming tool so we have done all of the work for you.

For the first time, we are giving every Canadian access to our exercise and nutrition programs that have helped our clients lose over 9,000 pounds. AND you are going to get coaching and support from us and the entire Evolve Fitness team. We have set a lofty but very realistic goal of working together with you to help 10,000 Canadians lose 100,000 pounds

Wouldn't it feel great to be a part of a community of like-minded, motivated and inspired folks while getting coached by Halifax's top transformation experts?

No more fancy shiny new programs. No more BS and wasted money.

We have cut through the crap for you and came up with an easy to follow approach for anyone, regardless of your current fitness level, age, or whether you go to a gym or not.

The best part? You get us as coaches and thousands of others going through the same thing for support. 




First of all, results like this (lost 60 pounds):

Member-only Benefits:

  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK MASTERMIND GROUP (PRICELESS) This is where the magic happens. Coaches and clients, supporting each other, sharing tips, recipes, and successes. Also a chance to ask any questions.
  • REGULAR DISCUSSING VARIOUS HEALTH TOPICS ($149 quarterly value) We will be discussing various health topics to help educate you and get you better long term results. 
    The perfect platform to get any questions you have answered. The great thing is you will likely have similar questions as others, so we can all help each other. 
    Watch and follow along as the Evolve trainers and volunteers complete workouts you can do anywhere any time.  These will be updated biweekly.
  • QUARTERLY WORKOUT PLAN ($99 monthly value)
    Each month we will publish your new written workout program. We will have a plan for those of you working out at home, and those working out at the gym. Beginner and intermediate/advanced programs will be provided. 
  • NUTRITION PLAN ($49 value)
    A step by step guide to eating for fat loss AND health. No flashy diet, just a proven, long term sustainable plan that will easily fit your lifestyle.
    Special website/app to track weight, measurements, and progress photos (for your eyes only). *Accountability*
    Fat loss is great, but being healthy and happy is most important. We have tons of healthy habit challenges you can do whenever you need a push and you will get daily reminders and motivation for each
  • WORKOUT DATABASE ($99 value)
    Get all of our best workouts you can do at a hotel, fast workouts when you are short on time, and a growing database of no excuse workouts that get results anywhere from 10-45 minutes.
    Coaching you to be the best and healthiest you can be. 


Reason One: We are putting our reputation on the line. We have already helped hundreds of Nova Scotians lose thousands of pounds, but we want MORE. We've helped single moms, busy dads, grandparents, and everyone in between. Coming from Hilden, Nova Scotia, we value the small town life and want to help our fellow Nova Scotians get the results they deserve. Heck, we can't create such a massive goal without taking massive action, right?

Reason Two: We put our money where our mouth are with an iron clad 100% money back guarantee.  Not only will we give you a full refund if you aren't happy with our service, we will give you a FREE 15 minute coaching call to help address your health issues.

Reason Three: We have an arsenal of results based testimonials from our clients. These are real people who have gotten real results. Using the exact strategies we will be sharing with you. (By the way, if you can't tell from my shotty photography, these ARE NOT made up. They are all our clients and I have so many more on file if you want to see more). 

Lost 39 lbs

Lost 30 lbs

Lost 42 lbs

You could try the calorie restricted diet, the low carb, the South Beach, the Atkins, you name it. You don't need our program to do trial and error with any of those.


You could join Transformation Canada designed specifically for those looking to drop unwanted body fat that has already proven to be wildly effective and sustainable. Oh, did I mention our 100% money back guarantee??


Now, we know that you are probably skeptical. After all, the big box gym is still charging you even though you haven't been in months. That is normal, but not how we operate. Don't take our word for it. Listen to what more of our clients have to say...

Do not join Transformation Canada unless you meet the following criteria...

If you are on the fence, I want to give you 3 criteria you absolutely, positively must have before you invest in us.

ONE: You must be motivated! We don't want you throwing your money in the garbage. You must be ready to learn and make changes so we can help you get your fittest and healthiest body.

TWO: You must not get "shiny object syndrome". A main health fail is having success but then seeing some new program that promises big results fast and switching. We have done the work and are giving you only the best information and are here to help you stick to it long term.

THREE: You must #trusttheprocess. That is a popular term in our world. Nobody got out of shape in one day so it will take time to get in shape. Consistency and sustainable changes will always win out and we will be with you every step of the way coaching you to your goals. We care about helping you lose weight but we care as much about you being a happy, healthy, and physically able grandparent :)




Because you will need time to get a feel for our program and coaching process, we are giving you an awesome guarantee. We will accept all risk on our shoulders.

You can try Transformation Canada for the next 30 days...

We expect that by the end of 30 days you will know if our program is right for your lifestyle. And that it will give you a lifetime of peace and freedom from your struggle with weight and diets. If not, we actually expect you to ask for a refund. You see...

Our passion is to impact as many people we can. We want our clients to look and feel great without ever feeling restricted or overwhelmed by their fitness program. We want you to live life with your friends and family to the fullest. The last thing we want to do is cause stress. So if you decide Transformation Canada isn't for you, we will happily give you a no questions asked refund. 

Am I Ready to Make the Change that will Lead to a Healthier and Happier Me?

Are you happy with the current state of your body? How do you feel when you look in the mirror?

Are you happy with how you feel each day and your energy levels?

Can you picture yourself running around and playing with your grandchildren when you get older?

If not, the only way to guarantee you won't feel like this anymore is to make a change. This is exactly what we want for you...

This is exactly why we created Transformation Canada. Canada's first community oriented fat loss and health coaching program based right here in little Nova Scotia.

Hey, we might even inspire other gyms to take our lead and join in. Imagine that, you and us taking charge and setting an example for others! I doubt they are as motivated as YOU, but the only way to find out is by making that change today and showing everyone what you are made of.

ARE YOU WITH US? 10,000 people will lose 100,000 pounds on this mission and improve their lives ten fold. You can lead the charge!


Become a member of our community today and get the guaranteed lowest rate ever!

Here is a recap of what you get:

  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group (priceless)
  • Regular Videos Discussing Various Health Topics ($149 quarterly value)
  • Coaching Sessions Live on Facebook ($99 value)
  • Live Follow Along at Home Workouts updated weekly ($99 value)
  • Quarterly Workout Plan ($99 value)
  • Nutrition Plan ($49 value)
  • Results Tracking Software ($19 value)
  • FREE Health Challenges($199 value)
  • Workout Database ($99 value)
  • Motivation and Support from Evolve trainers and mentors (priceless)

Join today and you pay just $1 for 14 days and then:

Bi-Weekly CAD


​**If you want to keep your membership after 14 days you don't need to do anything but if you want to cancel and not pay 8.00 biweekly you can just let us know.


So if you have come this far, joining Transformation Canada should be a no-brainer, right? Just in case you aren't fully convinced that getting the lowest ever price with a full money back guarantee is right for you, check out some more incredible Nova Scotians looking and feeling great. 

Lost 50 lbs

Lost 25 lbs

Lost 35 lbs

Lost 30 lbs


 Does Evolve Fitness have a physical location and is that included in my membership?
Evolve Fitness does offer personal training and boot camp in Halifax, but unfortunately it is not offered for Transformation Canada. Everything will be done online but you can inquire about Evolve services by emailing

 Is TransformationNS a one time fee or billed monthly?
You will be billed annually or bi-weekly, your choice.

 Is there any long term commitment? 
No. You can cancel your membership at any time by emailing If you decide to come back in the future, you will have to pay the new rate (higher than charter member price).

 Will I have personal access to Matt & Mitch?
Matt, Mitch, and the entire Evolve team will be active on Facebook, do live group coaching, and also have office hours set aside for answering emails once per week but there will not be any direct one on one coaching

Am I getting an individual program and coaching?

Unfortunately we can't individually coach for 16 dollars a month but the good news is every study shows the power of group training/coaching creates more accountability and gets far better results.  That said, our facebook coaching sessions and activitiy in the facebook group will answer all of your questions <3.  The workouts are all amazing full body and split workout with beginner and intermediate options.  No two people are the same but these are the exact workouts we do with our clients who gave gotten incredible results.  At your request for an extra charge we can design workouts/nutrition/coaching specific to you.

 Is this program diabetic safe? 
YES! This program has been approved by a dietitian and by a doctor and is safe for diabetics. HOWEVER, we always require you to check with your own doctor before starting any new meal plan.

 If I miss some new material will I still have access? 
Yes, all content will be posted in the member area. You will be able to view and download all nutrition and workout guidelines (pdfs) and there will also be various videos for you to watch on the site.

 Will I lose weight and get the body of my dreams? 
Yes!! ... if you are willing to put in the work. You will be getting the tools and coaching necessary to reach your fitness goals, but in the end it is up to you to put in the work. Results will vary based on your fitness goals, but great results are typically 0.5-1% of your body weight per week.

 How many days a week will I have to workout? 
This will be up to you and your schedule. We will outline different options and different workout lengths so you can always find time.

 I don't have any equipment - can I do the program? 
Absolutely yes! Some of our best client results have come from folks doing our at home workouts. Each quarter you'll get fresh new at home workouts and also at the gym for those gym goers.  Each week you will get new follow along workouts

I don't live in Canada - can I still join?
Of course! The benefit to this online challenge is you can do workouts at home or in your area. If you live anywhere in Canada, you are welcome to join us!




Hey Guys,
Just wanted to thank you for making it this far and for your interest in joining us on this exciting journey in helping more Canadians get healthy. We just wanted to reaffirm our commitment to you. We are nothing but a couple of hicks from Hilden who love country music and helping people achieve their fitness goals. It is an ever growing frustration to see other gyms and other sites charge awesome people money for a less than stellar product. We are small town guys who value a dollar and you can bet that our soccer cleats in high school had duct tape to cover up the holes! Invest less than a cup of coffee per day with us and we will take you places with your fitness you only dreamed of. We want you to be able to say you started it all and were one of the first 10,000 to 100,000 pounds gone because that is just the beginning.
See you on the other side!

Lost 23 lbs

Lost 28 lbs


Text or email Mathew Benvie at 902-456-4018 or with any questions!



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